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Plan for Tomorrow - La Jolla, CA



At Plan For Tomorrow, we offer a full range of fee-based financial planning products and services designed to help our clients satisfy their personal financial needs.  We believe that it's not only our responsibility to help clients make the most of their income and assets, but also to help them make the most of their life. It's our plan for their future.

We offer the following financial services to individuals, families, executives, and business owners:

Asset Management and Investing

Whether a client is looking for their first mutual fund or is an experienced investor with a diversified portfolio, we can help.  With access to state-of-the-art investment databases and communication with a variety of money managers, we have the tools, resources, and experience necessary to evaluate our clients’ needs and develop a customized solution.

Retirement Planning

Many of our clients seek to achieve financial independence during retirement.  We can help them estimate what income they need to maintain their current lifestyle during retirement and evaluate any company-sponsored retirement plans, individual retirement accounts, savings accounts, and other sources of income.  Then, we develop a step-by-step strategy, taking advantage of current tax laws and suitable investment vehicles.

College Funding

There are a number of scholarships, grants, and loans available to students to help offset the expense of college education.  Nevertheless, the projected costs of a solid education are staggering, and not everyone can qualify for scholarships or other types of financial aid.  That's why when it comes to preparing for a child’s or grandchild’s education, clients can come to us for help.  We are familiar with the ever-changing tax rules that affect funding a college education and we can help determine an appropriate way to approach this milestone.


A big part of keeping a dream alive is making plans to protect the financial situation of one’s loved ones.  Sound planning begins by building a strong base of financial security.  We have access to a full spectrum of insurance products designed to help clients manage the risks of premature death, disability, and health care, which allows us to provide guidance in selecting the type of coverage that is right for the client and their family.

Employee Benefits

Rising costs, a changing workforce, and complex government regulations make it difficult to control expenses and still meet employees' expectations.  Voluntary benefits - sponsored by the company and paid for by employees - combine the flexibility of individual choice with the convenience of payroll deduction.  We can assist business owners with determining appropriate employee benefits plans.

Business Owner Planning

Today's rising costs and changing tax laws make it difficult for business owners to meet their financial goals.  We understand our clients’ business concerns and can help them evaluate cost-effective alternatives for managing their personal and business assets, providing for executive and employee benefits, and planning for business continuation.  We offer assistance in designing and implementing a broad array of executive benefit plans, qualified retirement plans, and business buy-out plans.  These are custom designed to fit the nature of the client’s individual business situation.

Estate Planning

Many people avoid preparing for the events triggered at death, but estate taxes can consume much of what an individual or family has worked hard to accumulate during their lifetime.  Without prior planning, there is little likelihood that the assets remaining in their estate will be transferred as they wish.  Through carefully executed estate plans, these problems can be reduced.  We work with clients’ legal professionals to examine their wills, trusts, property titles, and business agreements to possibly suggest changes that help ensure adequate income for the client’s family and sufficient funds to pay estate costs.  Through estate planning, we can help clients determine optimal strategies to conserve and transfer wealth.

Charitable Giving Strategies

A charitable gift or bequest can have a significant and beneficial impact on the lives of others.  We can help clients determine appropriate tax-efficient ways to give back to the community.