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Our Clients

Serving Individuals, Executives, Families, and Business Owners

By working with a specific group of clients, we are able to develop a deep understanding of the unique concerns and opportunities they face.  Many of our clients are either within 10 years of retirement or are already retired who are uncertain about their financial future.  They’ve succeeded in their lives and careers but still wonder, “is it enough?”  As they face the myriad of decisions that comes with retirement, from claiming Social Security to building a consistent income stream, they are looking for an advisor they can trust to provide objective advice.

As a member of Sagemark Consulting Private Wealth Services, a division of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., in developing a client’s customized financial plan, we draw upon the specialized knowledge of other professionals, including investment specialists, legal counsel, and financial plan designers.  This professional team assists with a number of complex financial issues clients face, providing us with the ability to help clients towards their financial goals.