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Plan for Tomorrow - La Jolla, CA


Our Client Commitment

At Plan For Tomorrow, we believe our clients deserve a financial advisor they can trust and a firm they can count on to provide objective advice and guidance.  We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service.  Here are some of the many ways we’re committed to our clients:

An Individualized Approach

We offer our clients customized solutions based on their unique needs and circumstances.  First, we identify the client’s objectives and evaluate their personal situation.  Then we offer advice pertinent to their objectives and develop a strategy specific to their situation.   This approach greatly benefits the client, as they can gain a greater appreciation of their financial situation and the impact that various options can have on their financial well-being.  This may help them make wiser decisions regarding their finances.

The Quarterback of the Client’s Team of Advisors

Many of our clients have relationships with other professionals, such as attorneys or accountants, they already trust.  We supplement and coordinate the work these professionals do for the client and connect them to help meet the client’s needs and objectives.

Advanced Technology

Without the help of an accurate, focused and long-range financial model, you aren't planning; you're just guessing.  We have access to proprietary software that allows us to create an individualized "financial condition model" for clients.  This model can reveal a number of key factors, including the long-term adequacy of a client’s current financial resources, a comparative analysis of financial planning strategies they are considering or already have in place, and the impact of future changes in their personal or family situation, asset values, taxes or inflation.

Up-To-Date on the Latest Financial Changes

Inflation.  Changing tax laws.  Volatile financial markets.  Evolving personal, business, and family circumstances.  It can be overwhelming to keep up with or, for that matter, respond to the implications of every financial event that may impact a strategy.  But our clients don’t have to; we do it for them.  We stay up-to-date on all the latest market fluctuations, law changes, and more that can affect them.

An Extensive Team of Professionals

Plan For Tomorrow and Sagemark Consulting are premier financial planning organizations located in San Diego, California.  Our affiliation with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. provides comprehensive support to our clients, along with the most advanced technology and dedicated professionals at both the local and national levels.

A Wide Range of Services and Products

We complement our financial planning with an exceptional portfolio of insurance and investment products, all offered by leading companies that meet Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.strict criteria.  Our broker-dealer, Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., offers access to a multitude of investment alternatives from many of the most respected names in the financial services industry.  With this access, we can offer clients insurance and investment products.

Building Long-Term Relationships

We seek to provide our clients with solutions for a complex world.  We believe in service first, last, and always.  We are committed to educating our clients, helping them stay on track with their financial plan, and serve as their trusted advisor.