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Consolidated Portfolio Reporting

Lincoln Financial Advisors (LFA) offers quick and easy access to your V.I.P. Select Consolidated Portfolio Report via the Internet. Simply log on anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you'll have immediate access to your most recent reports, including:

  • Portfolio Summary features contributions, withdrawals, realized, and unrealized gains/losses and income for the period. Also, an internal rate of return is reported for the current quarter, year-to-date, and since report inception.
  • Individual Account Summary consolidates LFA Brokerage accounts and Lincoln Annuity account data.
  • Asset Allocation Summary classifies investments into asset classes and displays a pie chart to show the current allocation of classes.
  • Portfolio Detail details individual holdings in all accounts including market value, realized and unrealized gains/losses, dividends, and rates of return for the period stated.
  • Purchases/Sales/Reinvested Dividends itemizes all purchases and sales for the quarter, including trade dates, unit prices, quantities and totals.

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Wealthscape Investor- Fidelity and NFS

Wealthscape Investor is an Internet-based service providing you access to your account(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides a clear and secure, yet powerful, means for you to access your account data and obtain the latest market information. Account information is always current as of the prior business day, while market data is updated throughout the day. And, your information is safeguarded in a secure environment; delivered to you via an encrypted, password protected pathway.

If you would like to learn more about Wealthscape Investor or signup for a login ID/Password, visit here.

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Important notes regarding systematic account linking and self-registration:

  • Premier Series accounts on the IWS platform will NOT be automatically linked.
  • Each client will have one unique Wealthscape Investor ID based on his or her name, Social Security number and date of birth.
  • By default, the client ID will be linked to those National Financial Services (NFS) accounts on which the client is listed as a holder. As new NFS accounts are opened, they will be systematically linked to the appropriate client ID.
  • To link IWS Premier accounts with new client IDs or any new accounts to legacy IDs (IDs established before October 7, 2013), clients can submit requests by going to, then clicking on the My Accounts tab followed by Brokerage Services/ Access/ Wealthscape Investor/ Register & Update Access.
  • Entity accounts will NOT be able to self-registe; however, if an individual is listed as a holder, the Entity account will be linked to the individual's client ID. Entity accounts can register for Wealthscape Investor by visiting, then clicking on the My Accounts tab, followed by Brokerage Services/ Access/ Wealthscape Investor/ Register & Update Access.

 Upon successful self-registration, the client ID will be displayed on the screen. (Important: Clients should record their new IDs before navigating away from the registration screen. IDs will not be automatically emailed to clients after registration.)

Brinker Capital Portfolio

This service is offered to clients of LFA who desire individual account management services. LFA utilizes Brinker Capital, a registered investment advisor to administer and assist with the asset allocation and individual manager selection. Brinker Capital also provides ongoing due diligence on each of the money managers offered. LFA and/or Brinker Capital will consult with the client concerning the client's objectives and risk tolerance and recommend an unaffiliated portfolio management firm(s) to provide customized portfolio management services to the client. LFA and Brinker Capital review and consult with the client concerning the investment performance of the account, review the continuing capability and general performance of the portfolio management firm, and may recommend a change therein, if appropriate.

LFA charges a bundled fee for the Brinker Core Asset Manager Program, which includes the fee of the portfolio management firm, brokerage costs, Brinker Capital's advisory fee and LFA's advisory fee.

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Lincoln Annuity Accounts

If you are the owner of a VARIABLE ANNUITY from The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, you can access your account and make investment changes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Lincoln Pension Accounts

If you are a participant in a Lincoln 401(k) or Pension plan that uses the Lincoln Director VARIABLE ANNUITY, you can access your account and make investment changes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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